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Selection of artists: Directing and guiding talents towards the desired objective, with the intention of enhancing their artistic resource.

The face-to-face opportunity allows us to measure the energy, the artist's ability to adapt, his confidence and strength, among other things.


We are known for promoting talent through our experience and respect for work.

self tape casting

Self tape shortens distances, allows artists from all over the world to be cast and allows us to get to know talent in a different way.


For us it is not self-casting. We direct talent to achieve the best results.

international and local production

We carry out casting production and post-production throughout Latin America and Europe.


We have local producers at strategic points.


Scouting includes the ad hoc search for new talents based on the need and characteristics of the project.



We couch artists to enhance their performance in favor of the objectives of both audiovisual and theatrical production.


We provide various acting tools and techniques that are adapted to the needs of each person and project.


We are officially certified to teach "The Chubbuck Technique".

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