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for artists

Leave us your CV

We consider important a criterion in sending the curriculum:

It must be in Word or pdf. 1 sheet maximum.

The name of the file (of the CV) must have your name, as well as the photos (2 photos: one face and one full body). There must be 3 files in total. -

This material is your cover letter. Keep it concise. Give priority to the things that you consider important and most recent. They do not have to be highly produced photos. They must be clear, individual and show you as natural as possible.


The subject of the email must contain name, age and nationality.

Example: Subject: Nicolás Pérez 25 years old Colombia.

Send us your CV to:


This is the official and exclusive email address to send material.

We do not receive material in any other mail.




  • On the website you can find suggestions for artistic cv templates.

  • If you have reel, attach the link to youtube or vimeo in the cv. One reel per discipline. (Example: Reel with link to performance material, 1 reel with link to dance material, etc.)

  • YOU ARE UNIQUE. Seize it.

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